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Home / Stayfit Equipment / SF-6071 T Bar Rower

STRENGTH / Plate Load Equipment

SF-6071 T Bar Rower

SKU : SF-6071

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Name: T Bar Rower Machine Size(L*W*H)mm:1790* 950 *1180 Tube: 60*120*3mm rectangle steel tube Machine Weight:109kgs

STAYFIT Strength Equipment:

Strength Training Equipment - Strength Training Exercise Equipment is used by weightlifters, athletes and fitness enthusiasts to

·       Build Muscle,

·       Increase Strength,

·       Enhance Performance & Prevent Injury.

Strength Equipment are Designed & Manufactured to isolate Targeted Muscles & Muscle Groups as Well as To Provide a Platform Where Compound Movements involving multiple muscle groups can be performed. 


1.Weight Tower – The Line features a consistent low-profile tower height and a translucent shroud that create an open and inviting workout environment.

2.Instructional Placards – Easy-to-understand, large illustrations that demonstrate correct form at a glance.

3.Adjustments – The highly durable, industrial-grade ergonomic materials make it easy and comfortable for exercisers to get the right fit, with precise adjustments for seats and weights.


4. Upholstery – Exercisers will be more comfortable thanks to the premium pads and upholstery -and you‘ll appreciate the two-textured fabric that features double-top stitching on all seams, for extra durability.


Weight Stack: 
Size: (L*W*H(mm)):1790*950*1180
Machine Weight: 109kg



·The Incline Lever Row is not just for exercising your latissimus dorsi, or lats, for short, it can also be used for a number of other muscle groups including the shoulders, traps, and arms. The unique design of the Incline Lever Row makes it ideal for performing rear delt raises to target the back of your shoulders. Curling at an angle will provide a new challenge to an old classic. Shoulder raises ensure you are developing your shoulders in a full and well-rounded way. Functionality is just one of the many features that the Incline Lever Row offers.


·Accommodates All Shapes and Sizes – The Incline Lever Row is built to support a variety of different heights and weights. It feature a stable and solid base to ensure no shifting will occur. Its bi-level foot support ensures you will be able to properly use the Row regardless of your stature.

·Dual Bar Design Ensures Safety – The Incline Lever Row features a dual bar system to provide you with safety and efficiency. Ensure you are lined up properly before removing the bar and when you’re done, the dual bar system allows for easy re-racking without strain.

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