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SF-Rehabilitation Equipment


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1.Item No.:QD-YG-101 2.Name:Intelligent active and passive upper and lower limbs rehabilitation trainer(adult) 3.Machine size :1090*700*1142mm 4.Machine weight:41Kg 5.Material:Carbon structural steel 6.Upper limb training speed ( r/min):0-60r 7.Lower limb training speed( r/min):0-60r 8.Training time ( min) ?1-60 min 9.Reversing time ?s):5?10?15?20?40?60 10.Resistance to motion:0-20N.M Total 20 grades. Min grade is 1 and the max grade is 20, resistance increases or decreases by each grade. 10.Spasm Grade:High,middle, low 11.Torque range of upper limb crank(N.m): 0-9.2 12.Torque range of Lower limb crank(N.m):0-16 13.Adjustment range of upper limb on height (N.m):0-240 14.Input power /VA:200 ?+15% 15.Fuse protector:F2AL250V

Product Function:

1. Exercise, restore upper and lower limb muscle strength, eliminate muscle tension, reduce muscle spasm; improve the mobility of joints and prevent joint hardening.


2. Overcoming the consequences caused by lacking of enough exercise which might include blood circulation problems, joint stiffness, digestive problems, defecate problems, osteoporosis, lower extremity edema, etc.


3. Replace the manual work, and it is cost-saving.

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