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STRENGTH / Rehabilitation Equipment

SF-Limbs Cross Trainer


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1.Item No. :QD-YG-501 2.Machine name:Limbs Cross Trainer 3.Machine weight:110kg 4.Machine size:1824.5*692*1035mm 5.Adjustable range of the chair:468mm 6.Material:Carbon structural steel 7.Product Function Self-controlled limbs rehabilitation passive training, it inhibits abnormal and primitive reflex activities and improves exercise mode, It rebuilds normal exercise mode, and strengthens weak muscle strength training so as to prevent complications, it reduces sequelae, and effectively improves various parts of the body coordination and balances control capabilities.


1)The lower limbs can be driven by upper limbs, injured limb can be driven by healthy limbs and three limbs can be driven by one limb.

2)The position of large comfortable cushion and backrest can be adjusted back and forth so it’s comfortable for the user to sit in.

3)Most of the body's weight can be supported by the buttocks, simple back and forth exercise can be realized by joint movement of legs and arms so as to minimize the injury to the knee.

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