STAYFIT 10 Station Multi Gym

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  • Series Name: STAYFIT 10 Station Multi Gym
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Specifications of Stayfit- 10 Station Multi Gym

     Frame construction: Primary frame constructed of 2”x 2” Rectangular steel tubing gauge 10,  Other sizes are also used in support.
·         Bent Tube: Primary frame constructed of bent steel tubing to increase load-bearing capacity, while maintaining or enhancing aesthetic quality.
·         Fabrication: All joints are beveled half the thickness of the metal before being welded. Sub-frames are bolted together and can be disassembled to aid in installation.
·         Frame Finish: Steel surface is chemically etched and then coated with powder- coat paint and baked at 200 degrees.
·         Seat Adjustment: Easy-Adjustment seat system allows operating easily to your comfortable exercise position. The chromed telescoping tubing is sleeved with smooth Glide inserts to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and provide friction-free adjustments.
·         Upholstery: commercial grade fabric and double stitched.
·         Foam Padding: 1-1/2” thick, low density foam.
·         Bearing: Sealed ball-bearings are used on all exercise pivot mechanisms.
·         Handgrips: High-density closed end rubber handgrips.
·         Footpads: Rubber footpads are standard on all equipment to ensure stationary placement on the exercise floor.
·         Hardware: Bolts grade are as per load bearing requirements.
·         Weight Plates: Precision finished weight stacks are made of solid Mild Steel with Powder coated finish and constructed with bushings in each plate. Bushings provide a dry, friction-free surface between weight plates and guide rods.
·         Self-Aligning Guide Rods: 19mm Guide Rod are free-floating so they will self-align during weight stack travel. The free-floating ends rest in bushings to prevent metal-to-metal contact and eliminate noise.
·         User Accessible Weight stacks: All weight stacks are within easy reach of the exercise position. 

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